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Any business that wants to be successful needs to have a sales team that is able to generate leads and close deals. But finding the right salespeople can be a challenge, especially in a competitive market like Melbourne. That’s where HelloQuota comes in. We specialise in finding and placing sales professionals with the skills and experience that Melbourne businesses need to succeed. Whether you’re looking for sales managers, account executives, or sales support staff, we can help you find the perfect candidates for your open positions.

Find the best sales staff in Melbourne.

We connect Melbourne employers with job seekers who share common values. Our goal is to provide professional, personal, and reliable recruitment services to help both sides find the perfect fit for an efficient workflow.

Positions we recruit in sales

While sales is our core focus, our recruitment methodology has seen us successfully place candidates in almost every white-collar position, from lawyers and accountants, to scientists and CEO’s. We believe that our sales background gives us a unique perspective on the skills and attributes that make a successful candidate for any role.

Why choose us?

Network across Australia

We have a large network of sales professionals across Australia, you can be sure to find the perfect candidate for your business.

Thorough process

Our recruitment process is thorough. By the time a candidate is submitted to you, we've spent nearly 3 hours with them.

Industry expertise

We have the experience and resources to quickly find qualified candidates within your industry vertical.

How we help

Your company’s recruitment needs are our priority. We will work with you to find the perfect fit for your organisation. 

We know what it takes to attract top sales talent and we work hard to promote all the reasons why people would want to come and work for our clients. We are in direct contact with candidates on a daily basis, building relationships and convincing them of all the benefits of joining our client companies.


Our clients often tell us that they have candidates who approach them years later, thanks to the initial call we made to them.

We provide you introductions to experienced 'off the market' passive candidates - salespeople who have the right attitude and are skilled better than anyone you could have found yourself.

These sales candidates aren't active on SEEK or LinkedIn, and they rely on us to keep them informed of specific sales job opportunities as they arise in the market.

The cost of making the wrong hire can be crippling for any business, large or small. Not only are you out the salary and on-costs associated with that hire, but you also lose valuable productivity while you search for a replacement. And if they’re in sales, the cost of a bad hire can be even higher, as sales staff are the lifeblood of any business. That’s why it pays to use a professional sales recruitment agency like HelloQuota.

We have a tried and tested process that will help you find the best sales staff for your business.

When you work with Hello Quota, we’ll provide a guarantee on the position – almost like an insurance policy. In the unlikely event the candidate doesn’t work out, for a period of time, following their start, we’ll replace the same position free of charge.

Clients that work with us trust that we will find them the person they’re looking for. We’ll leave no stone unturned and if there’s a candidate out there that could be a good fit – we’ll have spoken to them at some point.

Our sales recruitment consultants have an intimate knowledge of the sales industry and can provide your business with access to the top sales talent in Brisbane. We've invested in smart video technology that cuts the recruitment process in half, so you can focus on running your business.

Our clients have reported an improvement in time-to-hire rates from initial shortlisting, through to offer stage.

Industries we serve across Melbourne.

No matter what industry you’re in, your sales team is always one of your most important assets. After all, they’re the ones responsible for generating revenue and driving growth. Choosing us, you can focus on your core business goals and leave the sales recruitment to us.


Digital Print & Media


Electrical & Lighting

Facilities Management


Information Communication & Technology


Medical & Healthcare

Mining, Energy & Oil

Transport & Logistics

Waste Management


Professional Services

Hospitality & Tourism


Our 4 step approach

The cost of making a wrong hire is too great, so leave it to our tried and tested process. Our experienced sales recruiters will help you find your diamond in the rough.

Step 1: Client Engagement

Once engaged to recruit a position, our consultants will gather information about the role. Most importantly the hard and soft sales skills candidates must possess in order to be considered for the position.

Step 2: Candidate Attraction

In this phase of the process our primary goal is to cast a wide net and find all available sales candidates that could be a worthwhile fit for the position.

Step 3: Candidate Management

Our screening process are broken into three gates. These are a Prescreen, Phone Interview and a Face to Face Interview.

Step 4: Selection

We’ll work with both parties to reach an amicable agreement on employment terms, and once a candidate has been successfully placed, one of our consultants will be in touch to conduct a review of the overall recruitment process.

We want to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.

Our dedicated team of sales recruiters are ready to start searching for the best sales staff for your business. With years of experience in sales recruitment, we have the know-how and resources to help you find your ideal candidate.

What our clients say.

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We can find and successfully place a talented salesperson with your organisation in as little as three weeks.

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